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I'm a fifty something mother of two. Trained as a pathology laboratory technician, I have worked in hospital pathology for all my adult life. I am also a firm believer in the power of nature and natural therapies. I love the healing power of essential oils, using my scientific training to create effective, gentle and affordable skincare.

Camellia Seed Oil Skin Benefits

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The delicately beautiful Camellia isn’t just about flowers.

The leaves of the Camellia plant can be used to make Green Tea and the precious oil derived from its seeds can help to nourish and restore your skin.

Camellia (C. oleifera) oil is extracted by cold pressing the seeds of the camellia or tea tree;  a winter blooming […]

What’s So Special About Miron Violet Glass?

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Miron violet glass is also known as Biophotonic glass (from the Greek root Bio, meaning life, and phos meaning light). Violet glass has been used since Ancient Egyptian times to not only extend the shelf life of its precious contents (like oils, balms and elixirs) but also enhance their quality.

Cleansing Oily and Acne Prone Skin

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I get asked a lot: Is Flora Maia Gentle Cleansing Oil suitable for oily and acne prone skin? Short answer, YES!

For skin that is acne prone, the balance of the Omega Fatty Acid profile in the oils combined in our Gentle Cleansing Oil coupled with the natural antibacterial properties of essential oils is key.

The […]

Frankincense: The Amazing Skincare Ingredient

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The highly fragrant Frankincence is an ancient plant used for centuries in religious ceremonies, turns out that it’s also an amazing skincare ingredient.

I love the aroma-therapeutic benefits of Frankincense. I love to crush a leaf between my fingers and smell the heady and very distinct aroma. I thought this the perfect time to write a […]

Twelve Amazing Plant Oils That Can Do Wonders For Your Skin

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Plant oils obtained from cold pressing (preferably) nuts and seeds, is rich in unsaturated (omega) and saturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The wondrous oil also contains Phyto-chemicals like antioxidants, sterols, polyphenols, tannins and terpenes which protect, nourish and prevent disease.

Botanical Oils – 12 good reasons why you should use them

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Botanical oils have long been used to nourish and protect us both internally and externally. Extracted from seeds and nuts, the Botanical oil produced is rich in unsaturated fatty acids as well as Phyto-Chemicals which provide an important source of energy for the body and are vital in building and maintaining healthy cells.